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"Make Sure you have a suitable image for your company on the Internet"

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Web design and positioning Works

Here are some examples of web design work and positioning, company image and graphic design, which we have developed in recent years. Since 2003 We have been working on The Born website so that our clients can have a presence on the Internet, taking care of the image of their companies and businesses. We Know the cyberspace and try to be always up to date with the new trends in design and online marketing. Offering positioning today is a difficult task due to the increasing competition, the change of the techniques and the necessary resources. That is Why it is important to leave that in the hands of professionals delivered and determined to help you in your project, whether that is business or private.

Portfolio of clients and commissions

  Brand Image, web design and positioning for TRAVIS CONSULTING SL-Energy Consultancy for electrical services for companies in Barcelona.

  Logo Design and creation of THE BLUE CORNER Blog, for interior decorating and decoration company.

  Logo Design and web design for ARTCITY HOSTEL, a youth hostel in Barcelona.

  Brand Image, web design and web positioning for PLAZA CATALUNYA HOSTEL, Youth Hostel in the center of Barcelona.

  Web Design for MEMBRADO ASSOCIATS, Young Law Firm in Barcelona.

  Blog Design and professional mail for TANO VEGAN, vegan cooking Blog.

  Web Design, web positioning and social networks for THE TASTE OF EL BORN, pizzeria in the center of Barcelona.

  Brand Image and web design for CONVIURE, a tourist services company in Barcelona.

  Web Design for CASA DRAC, hotel in Barcelona for Catalan businessman.

  Healthy Cooking Blog Design EAT CLEAN BARCELONA for Spanish businesswoman.

  Brand Image, web design, web positioning and professional mail for YOUR HEALTH AGENCY, private medical services company in Barcelona.

  Web Design, web positioning and marketing for FONTANEt ASOCIADOS, associate law firm in Barcelona.

Web Positioning for portfolio web of German artist, MARKUS HAUB.

  Web Design for portfolio web of German artist, STEFAN REHM WORK.

Brand Image and Logos